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Writing Meta Tags

Meta Tags are said to be the magic solution when it comes to ranking well on the search engines. Create well-written, optimised tags and your ranking will improve in no time! Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. SEO is much more complex, with both on-page and off-page factors needing consideration. Having said that, highly optimised Meta Tags play a vital part in any SEO campaign.

What are Meta Tags?

The purpose of Meta Tags (or Meta data) is to describe the content of a web page to the search engines. You're effectively letting Google and the other search engines know what your web page is about and which words are key to your business. With the exception of the Title Tag, your visitors do not see the Meta Tags, only the search engines do.

Writing Meta Data or Tags? Speak to Precise English

Whether you have a live website or you're just about to launch a new website, having your Meta Tags correctly optimised for the search engines is recommended. Tags give you the opportunity to let the search engines know how you want each of your pages to be categorised and indexed. While it's true that having perfect tags may not result in an immediate jolt up the rankings, it will help in the long run.

At Precise English, we know the importance of Meta Tags being highly optimised for the major search engines, which is why we offer to write them. They are part of the jigsaw that must be considered when building a website that needs to rank well.

How to Write Meta Tags

Writing Meta Tags
The Meta Title & Description Tags
Almost all of the search engines use the Title Tag to compose their listings. The Title Tag should include your primary keywords with a concise description of the relevant page. The Title Tag also appears in the title bar of your browser, so it needs to be clear and descriptive.

The Description Tag contains a short description of the page, including keywords and relevant content that users may see when using a search engine.

Cover all the angles

Ranking highly for relevant search terms can be the most effective marketing tool available, so ensuring that you've covered absolutely everything in terms of optimisation on your website is imperative.

Writing Meta Tags that are highly optimised can be tricky, which is why we're here to help. Get in touch with the friendly team at Precise English today.

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